We are engaged – Now What!

We are engaged – Now What!

For most planning a wedding is a completely new experience, with many not knowing what goes into planning or where to begin. You’ll have a mental picture of your perfect wedding day, that ever growing Pinterest Board along with friends and family adding their personal ideas. but sometimes thinking how you make it happen can seem like a bit of a challenge.

Below are a few hints and tips about how to start planning your wedding day like a pro:

Grab a piece of paper Think about your perfect wedding day! Ask yourself what’s the big vision? Anything you must have, or anything you wish to avoid, what are your joint top three priorities? This will help you quickly identify what you like and what you’re not so keen on. Doing this should help stop you going round in circles and keep things moving forward with your plans.

Be sure to research and book suppliers early in the process. The best always get snapped up first, so you may need to start early. This will also help you to budget for them

Make the little details personal. Try and incorporate as much of your personalities and interests into the day. This can be done through music choices, stationary even the sweets you have on your sweetie table. Remember your wedding is all about you two!

Think about a DIY plan. This could help you keep stick comfortable within your wedding budget. Be sure not to take on too many tasks, but having a few things can be fun, and give you something to look forward to doing!

Table plan? Are you dreading this part? One thing you want to avoid is leaving the table plan till the last minute as it is likely to come at a time when you have a lot more on your mind. It doesn’t need to be a hard task! Do it visually, make it fun and before you know it, it will be another thing ticked off your list. Its easier to make adjustments as you get your RSVP’s.

Talk, talk and talk some more to your contact at the venue. This could be weather you’re looking for help right from the start, or simply to ask little questions there that pop up along the way. The team are there to help keep you on track and a whole lot more.

To give yourself a bit of break from all things wedding. Look ahead to that special honeymoon. Take some time to start creating your honeymoon bucket list. Weather you’re jetting off straight after the wedding or planning it for 6 months later, dreaming up your honeymoon plans can be a nice stress reliever from wedding day chat!

You will have planned, planned and planned some more, so when the time comes its time to celebrate your wedding day. Have fun with your favourite people, remember what’s important, because by the time you reach the end of your night, you’ll agree it all goes by in a flash.

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