Let’s Talk Drinks!

Let’s Talk Drinks!

There are a lot of different decisions to be made throughout the course of planning your wedding at Lillibrooke Manor and Stanlake Park; your wedding should be an exciting and romantic time despite the overwhelming approach many a customer can experience.

For twelve-to-eighteen months in advance for preparation, the process can further heighten stress levels as the event itself can become very daunting: take it from someone who has done a handful of event organisations throughout their time at Lillibrooke Manor and Stanlake Park!

Pre-ceremony Drinks

At both wedding venues we can offer both pre-ceremony drinks bar consisting of:

• Prosecco
• Bottled beer and cider
• Tea and coffee
• Soft drinks

This would be very helpful to your early arrivals whom may find this comforting before the event begins.

Moving on to your Reception Drinks (after the ceremony has finished), a great idea is to have a drinks package tailor made.

Please try and remember to offer soft drinks for those who do not wish to drink alcohol!

Wedding Breakfast

People who are using a drinks package are normally allocated a half bottle of wine per person including whites, reds and rosés. An average split would normally be fifty-fifty red-to-white or sixty-forty red-to-rosé-to-white.

If you’re on a glassware package, please try to remember not to over do numbers of bottles you bring as you are only left to take them back the following morning.

Toast Drinks

You are very welcome to add your own champaign for your glassware package though if you design a customised drinks package with us, we can guarantee you will have just enough pop-and-fizz to keep the evening going in high spirits!

Welcome Drinks for Evening Guests

Please try and make sure your evening guests do not feel left out of the ceremony and meal; the best way to comfort their welcome is to offer them a chilled glass of Prosecco and bottled beer upon their arrival!


Your bar shall be fully stocked with draught and bottle beers, spirits, wines, cocktails and soft drinks.

If you wish for an ale or spirit to be served specifically, we too can do that though it will come with a service charge!


Sometimes thinking about bringing your own drinks to a wedding can work out more expensive than actually having the event team customise a package for you.

Lots of couples believe that buying their own alcohol will save them money: it can accumulate fast as a service charge could cost you more than doing a regular bar spend!

Setting Limits

A lot of people like to have a free-flowing bar and others prefer to have a paid bar. This very much depends on your overall budget with how much you want to be in charge of the whole evening: this is very much up to you and your budget.

By Rory Hamilton

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