Enhancing your wedding breakfast menu

Enhancing your wedding breakfast menu

As we all know 2020 and 2021 were tough years for weddings with couples having to pivot plans at moment’s notice this was also seen with how food was served during that time, everything was rigid and kept to protocol. 2022 has seen a shift with more couples looking for a more relaxed approach to their wedding breakfast – big uptake in sharing boards especially charcuterie boards, shared with friends to provide an informal atmosphere to the proceedings. We fully expect to see this again for 2023!

With the cost of living rising for all of us we have curated scaled down menu options for people who are wanting to stick to budgets.  It’s likely that couples will take advantage of skipping the starter and diving straight into the showstopping main course, please talk to us more about our 2 course option or scaled back drinks packages.

At the other end of the scale progressive courses will see an uprise next year, we expect to see people choosing 4 maybe even 5 courses. Giving couples more from their dining experience. And at the same time creating more quality time with their guests, whilst enjoying extraordinary food and prolonged conversations.

With more people turning to a vegan diet, we fully expect to see an influx of guests choosing vegan and vegetarian options. Not only are they cost effective but they are sustainable and with peoples focus on climate change this will be popular for 2023. With this in mind we have some incredible vegan options on our menu and that doesn’t mean tofu and steamed veggies – think gnocchi with sauteed mushrooms and a vegan cheese sauce or vegan shepherd’s pie – yummy!

Let’s talk Street Food! Everywhere you go now you will have flavours from around the world – I expect this to be a very popular choice for next year instead of the traditional 3 course sit down option, its informal and tasty and creates a really relaxed vibe – get creative with it – places you have travelled throughout your relationship/engagement, bring it to the table – Pad Thai in Thailand? Tacos in Mexico? Fish and Chips in Cornwall? The choices are endless and here at Lillibrooke we can work with you on the perfect pairings to help evoke memories for you and guests to enjoy together.

By Laura Johnson

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