Covid Secure Weddings

Covid Secure Weddings

How to solve the CovidSecure wedding dilemma?

What a year, and what strange times!  When lockdown came in March, weddings were moved by a few months in the firm belief everything would be over by then.  Now they’re moving again, up to 12 months away in the hope that social distancing and reduced guest lists will be a dim and distant memory.  We hope so too, but….

We’re all having to look at the possibility this will go on for much longer than any of us thought, and none of us want to do the wrong thing, right?

Thinking about options and looking the Covid enemy direct in the eye, should we wave the white flag, or stand up and fight?  We think the good old English tradition of standing firm in the face of adversity should be given a chance to shine through!

So, how do you decide whether to go ahead with restrictions, or move your wedding?

Here’s our handy guide to help you decide!

What hasn’t changed?

You’ve chosen a beautiful venue you love:
It’s still as beautiful, and it’s ready for you.  Venue owners across the country have taken the opportunity to refurbish and enhance things during the unique time provided by lockdown to get large projects squared away.  Lots of stunning barn wedding venues have had their old beams and floors revived, beautiful bridal prep rooms have been given those special touches, and replanting of gardens – all only possible in the unexpected ‘lull’ lockdown created.

Your venue team and all your suppliers are still there for you:
The venue team you’ve grown close to after so many emails, reassuring calls and questions answered are still here for you through all the uncertainty – as are your suppliers who have worked with you so you know your alternative date and different requirements will be just fine with them.  All just champing at the bit to give you a wonderful experience!

Your family and close friends are there for you:
Whether you choose an intimate ceremony and reception now, just have your ceremony now and a big reception later, or move the whole day ahead, one thing you know is that your nearest and dearest will treasure the memory of your wedding day, regardless of the details.  Having a CovidSecure wedding will certainly go down in family history for generations to come!

Above all this, you’re a couple in love who want to get married:
Navigating the uncertain path together with a different type of wedding will form an even stronger bond between you, and however you reach your decision you’ll know it was arrived at together.

What has changed?

Lots of small things:

  • Shorter ceremony / reception and lower guest numbers
  • Social distancing in household groups
  • Bride & Groom hold the rings, not the Best Man
  • Guests wear facecoverings for indoor ceremonies
  • No singing, loud entertainment – or wind instruments (yes, really!)
  • No buffet-style food (no sweetie table L but plated desserts instead J)
  • Event team wearing visors and face coverings for meal service
  • Lots of hand gel…!

These are just some of the changes, and despite the differences, experience is showing that these smaller weddings are very special to everyone. 

Do we Don’t we checklist!

So, if you’re trying to decide, here are some questions to ask yourselves.  Tick every box (some can be both!) and see what your results are!

We Do We Don’t
Want to get married as soon as we can, whatever the restrictions
Know we can be creative and make a smaller wedding very special, perhaps with unusual entertainment, a family quiz, and family photos showing during the meal
Want to get married as soon as we can, but want a big reception and party for all our friends & family when we can
Only want to get married when we can have a lot of guests, music, dancing, hugs and kisses.

Don’t forget – whatever you decide, your friends and family, venue and suppliers will be with you all the way!

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