Booking your perfect honeymoon!

Booking your perfect honeymoon!

In the current climate, when we’ve all had holiday plans scuppered and are in need of a break, what could be better than daydreaming about your perfect honeymoon?!

Whether you’re fancying a sumptuous all-inclusive beach resort, a trek through the jungle or a trip back in time to visit ancient ruins, a bit of escapism fantasising about your honeymoon could be just what you need!

The best place to start is having a chat about what you both want – there’s no point spending weeks researching an exciting safari or a trek to Machu Picchu if your other half is thinking of lounging on a beach for two weeks in the Maldives or Seychelles. Equally, you should think about your budget, and don’t worry if you don’t have a huge amount to spend – a trip to a boutique hotel in Cornwall or the New Forest with cosy pub lunches and beautiful walks can be just as lovely and romantic as travelling to the other side of the world.

Realistically, it can be stressful arranging your honeymoon, so it is best to make sure you’re on the same page before you do too much work and do a bit of research together before making any final decisions. Looking into things together should ensure that it is a fun experience and something lovely to do together and get excited about. Research and planning in advance are key to keeping it exciting rather than stressful.

Think about whether you want to organise it all yourself, or would prefer to go to an agent who will be able to advise and book things on your behalf. Speak to others who have done something similar, if you can, to see what they advise, and read travel blogs which always have good info and reviews. If you plan on an action-packed trip, it might be best to speak to a travel agent who can look at the best activities for you as organising a full travel itinerary is very hard work and time consuming. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask for help!

Depending on where you want to go, you’ll also need to think about the best time of year to go – do you want to have a mini-moon straight after your wedding, with your main honeymoon later in the year? For example, if you get married in July in the UK, you might want to wait until December or January to go to New Zealand as their summer months differ from ours. One thing is for sure though, after months of planning, you will feel like you need some kind of break after your wedding, even if it’s just a couple of nights away, spending some quality time together chatting about your favourite memories of your special day and having a well-earned rest!

Whatever you decide to do, and wherever you decide to go, the main thing is that you’ll be spending time together as a newly married couple and the when and where are just an added bonus, and something to spend a good chunk of time fantasising about until you get there!

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