8 reasons to choose an exclusive use barn wedding venue

8 reasons to choose an exclusive use barn wedding venue

Every year the wedding industry produces market research carried out amongst UK couples. Although trends come and go, barn wedding venues remain the most popular by some way, year after year. So, as the provider of event management at two of Berkshire’s most beautiful and popular exclusive hire barn venues, the Heritage Venues team have probed a little deeper to understand what’s behind this enduring popularity, and here’s what they came up with:

1. Space and Character

Often part of a larger estate with separate areas for the ceremony, drinks reception, plenty of outdoor space, and the main barn itself. This allows the flow of the day to unfold gradually and naturally, keeping the ‘wow factor’ going as each area is used, and allowing guests multiple opportunities to mingle.

2. Exclusive Hire

A real ‘must have’ for many couples, in the knowledge that the wedding areas are used only by their family and friends, with no accidental strangers in appearing in the photos!

3. Fairytale setting

Many brides have had their dream wedding in their mind’s eye for a very long time. The picture is of a fairytale environment with lots of quirky focal points to create wonderful photos and memories. It’s apparent that a beautiful rustic barn and the locations they’re in is that mind’s eye picture for many!

4. Personalising and dressing

With their rustic beams and fabulous original features, special personal touches and dressing can be focused on, rather than having to dress an entire ‘blank’ room to make it look suitably celebratory. Every little touch that’s added is enhanced by the barn environment.

5. Something for everyone

With such a wide range of age groups and backgrounds across family and friends, settling on something that will wow everyone (after the couple themselves of course!) is quite a demanding ask. Younger people will likely want to see a large dance floor and roomy bar, older relatives will appreciate the history and features of a barn and the estate it sits in. It seems that everyone enjoys the unique experience of a barn celebration which offers all this, and is an environment they rarely have the chance to experience.

6. ‘Togetherness’

Barns tend to offer great space and a choice of table configurations for the wedding breakfast, followed by drinking and dancing in the same place, ensuring the party stays in full swing all night. We’ve all attended weddings that are interrupted by the need to move lots of tables after the meal, or that end up with groups of guests settled in a separate bar area, depleting numbers in the ‘main room’ and often separating younger and older guests. Couples want their friends and family to celebrate together, and get great pleasure from seeing their friends strike up conversations with grandparents and great aunts, as well as each other!

7. Location

Where barns were originally farm buildings in isolated rural locations, urbanisation over the years means many barns are now easily accessible by road and rail. The magic rural feeling appears once through the driveway gates, and the contrast provides an unexpected delight for guests from the moment they arrive.

8. A wedding for all seasons

Specific dates and times of year often have special meaning to a couple. The magical environment of a barn venue – and the wonders of discrete modern heating technology in the winter months! – make them a perfect choice all year round.

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